Meghan Candler Gallery | Bragg

"Apricot Opening" 8" x 10""Apricot Sail" 7" x 9"Bragg-Busting into Bloom-Oil on Canvas-14 x 18Bragg-Dancing Eggplants-Mixed Media-10 x 10"Deux Cypresses Grandes" 6" x 9""Flower Pizzaz" 36" x 36"Bragg-Indian River Sail-Oil on Canvas-18 x 24Bragg-La Maison Bleu-Oil on Canvas-12 x 16Bragg-Le Charrette le Marche-Oil on Canvas-12 x 12Bragg-Le Marche II-Oil on Canvas-12 x 12Bragg-Lily Magic-Oil on Canvas-20 x 20"Les Montagnes de Provence" 6" x 9""Peony Magic" 6" x 8"Bragg-Pears and all that Jazz-Acrylic on Paper-9 x 15"Pink Sail" 7" x 9""Peony Magic II" 7" x 9"Bragg-Pink Skies II-Monoprint-6 x 9Bragg-Pres de la Mer-Monoprint-6 x 9"Summer Profusion" 30" x 22""Sunday at the Beach" 6" x 12"