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"Finnigan's Foley" 60"h x 72"w,  Price: $19,000 (Sold)"Little Heart" 63"h x 65"w,  (Sold)"Things that go bump in the night" 36"h x 36”w (Sold)"Rather Illuminating” 36"h x 36”w (Sold)"Paying with Monopoly Money" 48"h x 48"w (Sold)"Awaiting the Unexpected" 48" x 60" (Sold)"The Whisper in the Back of my Mind" 65" x 63" (Sold)"Little Scramble" 20" x 20" (Sold)"Little Scramble Too" 20" x 20" (Sold)"Driplets and Silver Droplets" (Sold)"Carelessly Cautious" 65”x63” (Sold)"To Be Able to Have a Wish" (Sold)"The Place"   48x48" (Sold)"Postponing the past" 56" x 56" (Sold)"The Breath" 30" x 72" (Sold)"The Space Between the Chatter" (Sold)"Feeling of Well Being" (Sold)"Chance Favors the Prepared"(Sold)