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"Smooth Sailing III" 48"h x 48"w"Changing Sea" 48"h x 48"w"Warm Day at the Beach II" 36"h x 36"w"Warm Day at the Beach" 36"h x 36"w"Smooth Sailing" 48"h x 48"w"Delight" 36"h x 36"w"Under the Sea" 60"h x 60"w,  Price: $7450"Carnival" 54"h x 49"w,  Price: $5800Time & Space (That Time Again) 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400"Sand Castles" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400"Primadonna" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400"Tell Me About It" 42"h x 42"w,  Price: $4200"My World VIII" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3400"Playtime II" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3400