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"Garden Warmth" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $6200"Tree Whisperer I" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $6200"Coastal Village" 36"h x 30"w,  Price: $5600"Tropical Path" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $4400"View from Above" 20"h x 20"w,  Price: $2200"Rooftops" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $6200"Little White Flowers" 5"h x 5"w,  Price: $430"Flowers with an Attitude" 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $825"Hydrangeas" 10"h x 10"w,  Price: $950"Fish on a Line" 10"h x 8"w,  Price: $850"Flowers in Water" 10"h x 10"w,  Price: $950Place of Rest 20"h x 20"w,  Price: $2200Side Bouquet 10"h x 10"w,  Price: $950"In the Stream" 12"h x 12"w,  Price: $1400"White Still Life" 10"h x 10"w,  Price: $950"Garden View" 16"h x 16"w, Price $1800"From the Shore" 16"h x 16"w, Price $1800"Pink Flowers" 14"h x 14"w,  Price: $1600"Morning View" 10"h x 10"w,  Price: $950Calm Reflection 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $9800