Meghan Candler Gallery | Isabelle

"Reflections" 36"h x 36"w"Ocean View"      36"h x 48"w"Path of Least Resistance" 36"h x 36"w"Quiet Woodland" 30"h x 30"w"Garden Path" 48" x 60""Fragrance of Lavender" 24"h x 30"w"Going Coastal" 8"h x 10"w"Waterview" 14"h x 10"w"In the Woods" 14"h x 10"w"Edge Water" 12"h x 12"w"Cliff Hanger" 12"h x 12"w"Dawn Rooftops" 12"h x 12"w"From the Roof" 12"h x 12"w"In the Stream" 12"h x 12"w"Shore Side" 12"h x 12"w"Springtime Bouquet" 12"h x 12"w"River Calm" 10"h x 10"w"Yellow + Red Blossom" 10"h x 10"w"Bloom" 10"h x 10"w"Window Chair" 10"h x 10"w