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"Pink Bow" 4”h x 4"w $95Three Oysters, 4"h x 6”w,  Price: $150"Whipped Cream Cupcake" 6"h x 4"w,  Price: $150"Blue Bow", 6"h x 6"w,  Price: $225"Green Bow", 6"h x 6"w,  Price: $225"Mixed Cocktails" 24"h x 24"w,  Price: $1500"Mixed Macaroons" 24"h x 24"w,  Price: $1500"Apple and Pear" 6"h x 6"w,  Price: $225"White Orchid" 7"h x 5"w,  Price: $225Petit Four 4"h x 4"w,  Price: $95Pear and Tangerine 7"h x 5"w,  Price: $225Lime Tart 4"h x 4"w,  Price: $95Three in a Row 4"h x 4"w,  Price: $95Three Macroons 4"h x 4"w,  Price: $95"Pink Frosting" 6"h x 6"w,  Price: $225"Puppy at the Beach", 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $395"Tootsie" 6"h x 6"w,  Price: $225"Beach Time" 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $395"The Boxer" 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $395