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"Surprise" 7.5"h x 11"w ,  Price: $565"Zebra with Lemons" 8"h x 14"w,  Price: $595"Happy Hour" 9"h x 14"w,  Price: $600"Zebra with Limes" 8"h x 14"w,  Price: $595"Cheers" 11"h x 11'w,  Price: $585"4 Extra Olives" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $485"Zebra with Presents" 9"h x 12"w,  Price: $595"Martini" 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $450"Oreos and Milk""5 Limes" 8"h x 12"w,  Price: $500"Candied Apple" 7"h x 5"w,  Price: $200"Candied Apple II" 7"h x 5"w,  Price: $200"Sandpiper Pair",  Price: $485"Tie Race",  Price: $595"3 Martinis" 8"h x 14"w,  Price: $800"Sandpiper H" 6"h x 8"w,  Price: $350"Sandpiper I" 6"h x 8"w, Price: $350"Shell F" 6"h x 8"w,  Price: $400.Shell B 8x10 450"Shell C" 6"h x 8"w,  Price: $350.