"Aqua Hat" 9" x 12""Down to the Beach" 36" x 48""Evening Sky" 9"h x 12"w,  Price: $975"Hang on to Your Hat" 16"h x 12"w,  Price: $1600"Inspired to Dream" 24"h x 30"w"Inspired to Dream" 24"h x 30"w"Morning on Display" 24"h x 30"w,  Price: $3250"Mostly Sunny" 36"h x 48"wSOLD - "New Yacht" 24"h x 18"w"Out with a Blaze" 12"h x 16"w"Red Accent" 36" x 48" BUT as an 18x24!"Sailors" 24"h x 12"w,  Price: $1750"Sea Oats" 8" x 10""Someday Sailor" 24"h x 18"w,  Price: $2600