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The Dog Walker 11"h x 14"w,  Price: $1400"Colorful Umbrellas, UES New York" 10h" x 14"w,  Price: $1400"Morning Walk, Sailboat Pond" 16"h x 20"w,  Price: $2200"Shelter, Park Avenue" 12"h x 16"w,  Price: $1800"Warm Glow NYC" 13'h x 21w,  Price: $2600"Holiday Windows, Cartier" 16"h x 20"w,  Price: $3400"The Morning After (Blizzard of 2016)" 12"h x 16"w,  Price: $1400"St Patrick's Cathedral 14"h x 11"w,  Price: $1200Flambe, Lyon France12"h x 9"w,  Price: $1300"Plat du Jour, Avignon"    11"h x 14"w,  Price: $1650"Van Gogh Café, Arles"   11"h x 14"w,  Price: $1650"Tuscan Vines" 12"h x 9"w,  Price: $1100"Como Colors" 14"h x 18"w ,  Price: $1600.00"Red Taxi, London" 14"h x 11"w,  Price: $1200"MorningWalk,Tuscany" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $1100"Golden Morning, Tuscany" 14"h x 18"w ,  Price: $1600.00"London Rain (Red Taxi)" 14"h x 11"w,  Price: $1200"Summer Dresses" 14"h x 11"w,  Price: $1200Winter's Last SnowWinter Walk, Park Ave