"Water's Edge" Another 48" x 60" like this - a favorite!!"Paradise" 48"h x 60"w - Ditto!"Beach View" 48"x60" BUT as a 48x48!"Beautiful Beach II" 16"h x 16- another set of three 16x16's like this great one!"Beautiful Beach III" 16"h x 16"w"My Beach" 48"x48" - another 48x48, love the colors, shore break, coral sail!"Another Day in Paradise" 48"x48",  Price: $5800"Water's Edge" 48" x 60""Beautiful Horizon" 48" x 60""Tropical" Laughton 8"x10 $450"A Perfect Day" 40"x60""Sky, Water & Land" 48" x 48""Sea Meets Sky" 48" x 48""Paradise" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $6400"Inlet" Laughton 6"h x 8"w,  Price: $425"Evening" Laughton 6"h x 8"w,  Price: $425"Coastal Dunes I" 17" x 17""Coastal Dunes II" 17" x 17""Coastal Dunes III" 17" x 17"“Dusk” 48" x 36"