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"With Every Wish" 44"h x 48"w,  Price: $5800"Where the River Meets the Ocean" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $7300"The Moment Becomes a Memory" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $7300"Wishing You Were Here" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $7300"Summer BBQ" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3300"This Magic Moment" 60"h x 60"w,  Price: $8900"Search the Sky" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3300"Sky Full of Sunlight" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3300Penny Candy" 64"h x 72"h,,  Price: $9600