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"Linea #12" 48"h x 48"w"Vetro 1019-04" 16"h x 16"w"Graffito #64" 64"h x 60"w"Early Sunrise" 22"h x 26'w,  Price: $2400"Tropical" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $4800"A New Conversation" 36" x 36""Solid Blue" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $3800"Moonlight Shore" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $6800"Watery Wonders" 40"h x 40"w,  Price: $5100"Feathered Feature" 40"h x 50"w,  Price: $5400"From the Beach" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $4400"To be there is Magic" 12"h x 12"w,  Price: $1450"Cassis Magnetism" 20"h x 20"w,  Price: $2900"Garden Warmth" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $6200"Visivo #6" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400"Beach Grasses" 24"h x 24"w,  Price: $3600"Illuminance" 48"h x 48"w"Postponing the past" 56" x 56" (Sold)"Energia #65" 54"h x 54"w,"Heavenly Day" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3400