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"Moonlight Sail" 20"h x 16"w,  Price: $2400"Along the Beach", 18x30" $3200"Early Sunrise" 22"h x 26'w,  Price: $2400"River Moonrise" 16"h x 20"w,  Price: $2500"Treasure Shores Beach" 30"h x 40"w,  Price: $4600"Down by the Beach" 20"h x 30"w,  Price: $3300"The Salt Marsh" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $1100"Sunset from the Cut" 9"h x 12"w,  Price: $2000"A Moonlight Sail" 16"h x 20"w,  Price: $2400"Beach Scene" 9"h x 12"w,  Price,  Price: $1200"Sunrise along the Cove" 20"h x 24"w"Coastal Surf" 10"x20"$1850"Moonrise"  9"h x 12"w,  Price: $1200"Beach Scene" 6" x 12", $475"Along the Beach" 6"x 12", $475"Sunrise after the Storm" 6"h x 8"w,"Sunrise" 5"h x 7"w"Leaving at Sunrise" 5"x 7", $385"Beach Scene" 9" x 12", $1200"River Sunset" 8" x 10", $1100