"Wade in the Water" 48" x 48""Sand II" 36" x 36"Let the Sun Shine 48 x 60"Ocean I" 36" x 36""Ocean II" 36" x 36""Remembrance" 36" x 36""Making Memories II" 48" x 48""On a Clear Day" 48" x 60""East Side" 48" x 48""Happy Afternoon" 48" x 60""Making Memories" 48" x 48""Hello Morning" 48" x 48""Sand Dancing" 48" x 48""Without Words" 60" x 60""Count Every Dream" 48" x 60""By the Light" 60"x48""Carnival" 54"x49""Ebb Tide" 36" x 36"""All That Jazz II" 48x48""My Word VIII" 36x36"