"Ocean View"      36 x 48"Quiet Woodland" 30"h x 30"w"Winding Road, Provence" 14" x 14""Provence Countryside" 24" x 20""Still Life" 30" x 24"Abstract Flowering Too 14x14From the Roof 12x12In the Woods 11x14In the Stream 12 x 12Calm Reflection 48 x 60"Garden Path" 48" x 60""Autumn" 14" x 14""Carpe Diem" 28"h x 40"w"Fenced Flowers" 12 x 12"Flowered Fence" 16x16"Isabelle-Pink Roses and Green Apples-Oil on Canvas-14 x 11"Bloom" 10" x 10""Fruit Tart" 9" x 12""Beach Bertha" Pastel-9 x 11Portrait I