"Martini" 8"h x 7"w"Lemons"  7"h x 12"w"Martini and Tiffany Box" 8"h x 7"w"Oreos and Milk""Tiffany VIII"Zeigler-Mussels II-Oil on Board-8 x 8"Watermelon Tasting" 9x12"Zeigler-Candied Apple II-Oil on Board-7 x 5"Tiffany V" 8x10"Zeigler-Candied Apple-Oil on Board-7 x 5"Martini and Lemons" 8"h x 8"wZeigler-Asperagus-Oil on Board-10 x 8Zeigler-Blue and White Vase-Oil on Canvas-16 x 12"Who's Counting" 9"h x 24"w"Two Martinis and Olives""3 Martinis" 8"h x 14"w"Great Gifts!"Martini with Olives 8"h x 7"w