"Tiffany VIII""Candied Apples" 9x12""Tiffany VII" 9x12""Great Gifts!""Boathouse in Spring" 9x12""West Side Story" 14x11""The Red Sled" 11x14" $1200.00"Winter Walk, Sailboat Pond" 9x12""London Cab" 14x11""Como Colors" 14x18" $1600.00"Tuscan Vines" 12x9""MorningWalk,Tuscany" 9x12""Summer Dresses" 14 x 11" Haber $1200.00Haber "Walk in the Vineyards" 12x16 $ 1400.00"London Rain" 14x11" $1200.Haber "Pieve di Piana" 11x14 $ 1200.00"Golden Morning, Tuscany" 14x18" $1600.00"Winter's Magic" The Plaza 12"x16""Sun & Snow, Central Park" 11x14 $1200.00"St Patrick's Cathedral 14x11"